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The Korowai (Traditional Maori Cloak) speaks of a person's honor, dignity and respect. A symbol of great value to the Maori people and worn with much pride.

According to the famous love story of Princess Hinemoa and Tutanekai,it is said that out of his great love and respect for her, Tutanekai embraced his lover Hinemoa by placing his Korowai (Cloak) around her.
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Korowai Ceremony
(Cloak of Love)

As you renew your vows to each other,
the Korowai Ceremony becomes
a living and unique romantic gesture,
one that reinforces a
husband and wife's mutual
love and respect to one another.
The placing of the Korowai (Cloak of Love)
around the woman depicts his
love that will surround her for
the rest of her life

Korowai Ceremony - Traditional Maori Weddings Rotorua
Korowai Ceremony - Cloak of Love
The Hongi

The Hongi (Touching of noses) is an
action that seals the
Korowai Ceremony.
The Maori people believe that
when the Supreme God created man,
He breathed life into the nostrils of the
man and woman.
As the husband and wife touch noses
this unique Maori custom unites their
two breaths of life together as one,
a very intimate and meaningful
gesture that symbolizes mutual
love and respect
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