Traditional Maori
      Wedding Procedures

  • Te Karanga (Welcome Call)
  • Te Powhiri (Traditional Song and Dance)
  • Te Marena (Ceremony and Vows)
  • Te Manaakitanga (Priest's blessing upon couple)
  • Te Haere Atu (Departure)
  • Te Hakari (Wedding Feast and Celebrations)
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    Te Karanga (Welcome Call)

    Before entering the Maori Village / Location, a Traditional Maori Welcome Call echoes across the courtyard inviting the Bride and Groom on to the sacred land.

    Te Powhiri (Traditional Song and Dance)

    Having entered the Maori Village / Location, the local tribe then perform a traditional song and dance for the bridal party. This will be followed by the Hongi (touching of the nose) a tribal gesture that seals the friendship and goodwill between both parties

    Te Marena (Wedding Ceremony and Vows)

    The Maori Priest commences ceremony, couple exchange vows and are serenaded with famous Maori love song "Pokarekare ana" (an emotional and heart moving experience)

    Te Manaakitanga (Priest's blessing upon couple)

    At the completion of the ceremony, the Maori Priest then pronounces a blessing upon Bride and Groom in the form of a prayer, following this the presentation of a Taonga (Gift) to the couple, symbolizing new beginnings and happiness, and finally completing the ceremony with the Hongi (touching of the nose).

    Te Haere Atu (Departure)

    As Bridal Party depart, they are farewelled in style with Traditional Maori Song and Dance.

    Te Hakari (Wedding Feast and Celebrations)

    Preparations are made to celebrate the couple's wedding day. A night of entertainment and traditional Hangi feast. On this special evening, the Maori tribe will honour the Bride and Groom. In particular the Groom will be honoured as a Rangatira/Chief. There will be celebrations and feasting throughout the night.

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