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Traditional Maori Weddings Rotorua - Four canoes Meeting House

The Four Canoes

Traditional Maori Weddings Rotorua - Wedding Ceremony - Four Canoes Meeting House
Here on this location the Bride and Groom will prepare themselves for a romantic journey of a lifetime.
The name of this venue comes from the migration of the Four Canoes that journeyed here to Aotearoa (New Zealand).
The Mataatua Canoe, the Takitimu Canoe, the Horoutu Canoe and the Te Arawa Canoe.
The story of the Takitimu Canoe is the most romantic of the Canoe migration and more appropriate for the Wedding occasion.
Traditional Maori Weddings Rotorua - Wedding Ceremony - Four Canoes Meeting House and Mokoia Island Guided throughout her journey by a school of whales she arrived safely towards her destination. As though this were not sufficient comfort the Priests on Board brought two of their gods with them. Kahukura, who by day became a Rainbow to point the way and Hinekorako who became a Moonbeam at night.
The Maori Priest performing the Wedding ceremony is a descendant of the Takitimu Canoe tracing his ancestry back to that sacred canoe of priests that migrated here to Aotearoa (New Zealand).
Finally bringing the ceremony to a close the Bride and Groom will be serenaded with the World Famous Maori Love Song Pokarekare ana, the greatest love song in Maori history.
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