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Fairy Springs Rotorua - Te Puna o Tuhoe - Traditional Maori Weddings

Fairy Springs (Te Puna o Tuhoe)

The sacred spring of Tuhoe provides a romantic wedding venue with historic and spiritual significance to the Maori people.
Surrounded by streams of living waters, lush greenery, native flora and fauna the Fairy Springs derives its name after a great Maori Chief called Tuhoe, a famous ancestor of the Tuhoe Tribe.
It is here on this sacred location where the Fairy People (Patupaiarehe) would descend the slopes of Mount Ngongotaha to visit the springs at night and to drink freely from the waters of life. At times Tuhoe would send his tohunga (priest) to the springs to pray to the gods.
A rainbow would appear over the spring which was seen as a good omen in answer to these prayers, therefore Rainbow Springs is another name given to this location.
As you exchange your wedding vows within this Cathedral of Mother Nature we invite you to experience a truly unique traditional Maori wedding ceremony here on this sacred location.
The blessing and prayers of a Maori priest over your lives and the crystal clear waters that flow from the Fairy Springs to refresh and renew your love for each other as you enter the bonds of matrimony.
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